Clear aligners in Algeria (Invisible aligners)

A smile is a priceless expression of joy! If you are worried that your misaligned teeth are preventing you from smiling, don’t worry anymore! At Naoufel Dental Center, we have the solution. We offer discreet orthodontic treatments, such as clear aligners or clear braces, to discreetly correct your teeth.

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woman wearing clear aligners (invisalign and smilers) to straighten her teeth

What are invisible orthodontics ?

& What are clear aligners ?

Invisible orthodontics is a type of orthodontic treatment to correct misalignments of the teeth, which combines effectiveness and discretion. As opposed to the classic orthodontic treatment using braces, this treatment uses a system of clear aligners (or transparent braces) that “blend in”. It is hence naturally much better tolerated by patients.

an invisalign or smilers clear aligner

What types of invisible orthodontics are available for patients ?

Several types of invisible orthodontic braces can be used, each of which is indicated for a particular condition. This difference in indication is governed by the patient’s problem, dental condition and other factors. We distinguish :

lingual teeth braces, invisible braces
Fixed braces

Like ceramic or sapphire braces, they resemble conventional braces, but are characterized by their color, which is close to that of tooth enamel. Consequently, they blend in with the rest of the tooth. Another fixed method is lingual braces, a system that uses metal brackets placed on the back of the teeth.

woman about to wear clear braces (invisalign and smilers) to straighten teeth
Removable and clear aligners

Clear aligners are a revolutionary technique in invisible orthodontics. It employs progressive pressure on the teeth until the alignment goal is reached. Its perfect adaptation to the teeth and its transparency make it an effective and discrete method, with which the patient is perfectly accustomed.

woman wearing clear aligners

What are the advantages of clear aligners ?

Clear aligners are the most appreciated and accepted type of braces by patients, mainly because they offer the best possible discretion. Their cut is precise and molds perfectly to the teeth, so others won’t even notice!

These clear aligners are very effective, only if you strictly follow the instructions of the dental surgeons, i.e. wear them for 22 hours a day. Their use is very simple, you can easily remove them to eat or brush your teeth, allowing you to maintain an ordinary oral hygiene.

The materials of which they are made have the peculiarity of being solid, prolonging their life, while being biocompatible, in other words, they do not cause irritation or allergies.

At Naoufel Dental Center, we deal with suppliers of certified medical products, made in France, Germany, Australia, Spain, and the United States.

How is the treatment with clear aligners developed ?

During your first consultation, which is free of charge at our center, your dentist or orthodontist will explain the type of treatment that is appropriate for your condition.

Once you have made your decision, an impression of your teeth will be taken immediately. This is a quick and brief stage, but it is very important because of the precision it requires.

At Naoufel Dental Center, we use a 3D digital impression system via an intraoral scanner. You will not feel any discomfort. Your clear aligners will be sent to the lab immediately to begin treatment as soon as possible.

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How do I maintain my clear aligner ?

Maintenance and cleaning differ depending on the type of invisible braces used. In the case of clear dental aligners, it is necessary to be cautious, brushing the teeth gently and carefully without using wire.

With clear aligners, which are removable, maintenance is much easier. Regular brushing of the teeth combined with cleaning the aligner with a soft brush is more than adequate.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Our patients can benefit from Smilers clear aligners, made in France, or invisalign, made in the United States, for gentle and effective correction of misaligned teeth. Both orthodontic solutions are transparent and custom-designed to perfectly fit the shape of the teeth and thus providing an optimal aesthetic appearance. Naoufel Dental Center's customized and innovative treatment options permit a healthy and confident smile.

In Algeria, the price of clear aligners depends on several factors, including the length of treatment, the number of aligners needed, the complexity of the case and the brand of aligners. Naoufel Dental Center offers transparent orthodontic solutions such as Smilers clear dental aligners and Invisalign dental aligners; which are tailored to flawlessly fit the shape of the teeth. You can easily request an estimate online to get information about our pricing.

If you have just received transparent braces, it is normal to feel some discomfort since a period of adjustment is necessary to get used to them. All in all, it can take up to 2 weeks for your mouth to completely adjust to clear aligners. It is also significant to note that every patient is unique and the time it takes to adjust to transparent braces can vary depending on various factors, such as the type of aligners and the severity of your malocclusion. If you have any concerns or questions about your orthodontic treatment, don't hesitate to contact your dentist for advice and recommendations.