Have you ever imagined a vacation at the dentist?

At  Naoufel Dental Center, we make your wishes come true, through our modern and innovative concepts. You can now combine quality dental care and the pleasure of discovering new horizons. The experience is unique and surprising.

What is dental tourism ?

Dental tourism is a service that combines the pleasure of traveling with the ability to benefit from premium dental care. During your stay, you will be able to enjoy both services in any order you wish.

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Visit Constantine City, Algeria

You will have the opportunity to visit the city of Constantine and its historical architecture, meeting its warm and friendly people. You will experience its ancestral cultural diversity . Moreover, you will have the chance to taste the traditional dishes of eastern Algeria. You will be able to plan your own schedule, or get assistance from the tourism agency, the choice is entirely yours. The center is partnered with a multitude of travel agencies, so you will have the opportunity to explore the entire area.

Your dental tourism with Naoufel Dental Center in Constantine – Algeria

On the day of your appointment at Naoufel Dental Center, the dentist will discuss with you, then perform a thorough examination of your mouth and possibly X-rays to identify your problem. The practitioner will then suggest appropriate treatment options. The entire staff is attentive to your needs and preferences.

Naoufel dental center offers you the opportunity to experience something exceptional and to benefit from the expertise of professionals in the field of dental surgery.

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What benefits does Naoufel Dental Center offer for dental tourism ?

We provide high quality services at our dental clinic. Our patients are satisfied with their results and recommend our services.

The team

The dental clinic’s team is composed of experienced dentists, specialized in different fields of dentistry. Dr Naoufel a graduate of the University of Miguel Cervantes 🇪🇸 specializes in surgical and prosthetic implantology.

Used equipment and products

For optimal comfort during your visit to the dental center, we have all the necessary equipment at your service, from the diagnosis of oral pathologies to their treatment to spare you any trips back and forth to our center, that way you can fully dedicate yourself to relaxing and enjoying your vacation.

The medical products used in the different treatments we offer comply with international health standards. We work with certified suppliers in France🇫🇷, Australia🇦🇺, Spain🇪🇸, Germany 🇩🇪 and The United States🇺🇸.

As a reflection of our professionalism, we guarantee our prostheses, dental veneers and dental implants for a period of five years.

Machine used to create fixe dentures including, dental bridges, dental crowns, dental implants and dental veneers and Hollywood smile from Turkey and France for you dental tourism in our Dental Clinic in Algeria, Constantine

International prostheses specialists

For patients wishing to treat themselves to a premium service, the dental center collaborates with prosthetists based in France 🇫🇷 and Turkey 🇹🇷.

If you need a prosthesis for example, your dental impressions will be taken at the dental office in Algeria with a quick and non-invasive scanner, and sent to our collaborators in France 🇫🇷 or Turkey 🇹🇷. A 3D mockup will be made for you, to enable you to get used to the future prosthesis, while waiting for your prosthesis to be made by qualified professionals.

How can we benefit from dental tourism in Algeria?

In order to benefit from this unique offer, you just have to email us

You will immediately receive an answer including a completely personalized quote according to your preferences. Following your choice, we will handle the hotel booking in which you will stay. Upon your arrival, a driver will be assigned to you if you wish in order to make your travel as comfortable as possible. Owing to our partnerships with numerous travel agencies in Constantine, you can benefit from tourist guides and various outings.  

Medical tourism and dental tourism in Algeria, Algiers and Constantine, Mqam al Chahid

Why is Algeria one of the best countries for medical and dental tourism ?

Algeria is considered one of the best countries for dental and medical tourism for several reasons. Firstly, Algeria boasts a high standard of healthcare infrastructure with modern dental clinics and medical facilities equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Secondly, the country is home to highly skilled and experienced dental and medical professionals who provide quality care at competitive prices. Additionally, Algeria offers the advantage of its diverse cultural heritage, scenic landscapes, and historical sites, making it an attractive destination for tourists seeking dental and medical treatments combined with the opportunity to explore the country.

Dental tourism in Algeria, how much does it cost?

Dental tourism in Algeria won’t cost an arm and a leg! At Naoufel dental center we offer quality services and we assist and work closely with our patients during their vacation, all of this while saving money. In fact, dental treatments cost way more everywhere else in the world.

Consultation with a dentist at Naoufel Dental Center, Dental clinic in Algeria, Constantine

Going to the dentist has never been so much fun!

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Experience the best of dental tourism in Algeria with us, where we prioritize preserving your radiant smile and healthy teeth. Contact us today to share your preferences and requirements, and our dedicated team will be thrilled to provide you with exceptional care.

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