Laser dentistry in Algeria

The use of laser in dental surgery is a real breakthrough in the treatment of many oral pathologies. This innovative and highly effective technology is still not widely used. At Naoufel Dental Center, our mission is to offer quality services in accordance with the latest scientific advances. This is why we offer the laser treatment option.

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Traitement au laser dentaire au cabinet dentaire Naoufel Dental Center à Constantine en Algérie, Clinique dentaire a la pointe de la technologie en Algérie à Constantine

What is laser dentistry?

The laser technique is the use of a luminous flux, i.e. a beam of light that is focused in a precise and narrow point. This beam of energy is absorbed by the tissue, causing changes.

laser dentistry used for treatment of gum, gummy smiles, teeth whitening and other types of dental surgeries

What are the benefits of dental laser treatment?

The use of laser in dental surgery has many benefits:

Laser dentistry is a service offered by Naoufel Dental Center that is performed by our elite dentists. This treatment method combines effectiveness, safety and comfort. To examine your case and suggest the appropriate treatment, contact us for a free check-up.

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