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Do you encounter problems when chewing because of your teeth? To the point of depriving you of the pleasure of eating? Fixed dental prosthesis is precisely there to give you back your taste for life.

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Résultat d'implants dentaires en Zircone et prothèse dentaire fixe (bridge dentaire) en Algérie

What is a fixed dental prosthesis?

It is a prosthetic material that is placed in the mouth permanently. Unlike removable prostheses, it is a stable gear system that can only be removed by the dentist.

Why a fixed prosthesis?

This type of device is used to replace a lost or badly damaged tooth in order to restore the appearance and functionality of the teeth. The prosthesis acts like a natural tooth by reproducing its function, while offering an attractive aesthetic result. You will be able to chew comfortably and express your joy with a wide smile on your face!

Dentists recommend this approach for the treatment of edentulism


This is the loss of one or more teeth due to decay or periodontitis, an inflammation of the gums that progressively causes the tooth to loosen. This situation creates a considerable functional and aesthetic imbalance. Fortunately, a fixed prosthesis will allow us to alleviate this problem by replacing the missing or damaged tooth with an adapted prosthetic material.  

Tooth decay

If you have never had tooth decay, you are quite lucky! It is a very common pathology, causing a progressive alteration of the integrity of the dental enamel until it touches the nerve, causing severe pain. It is most often favored by food stasis. However, prosthetic treatment remains a last resort, as dentists always opt for a conservative solution, i.e. to preserve the natural tooth as much as possible, before considering any radical treatment.  

Prothèse dentaire fixe à Constantine en Algérie, bridge dentaire à Constantine en Algérie
Types de prothèses dentaires fixes à Constantine en Algérie, bridges dentaires, facettes dentaires et couronnes dentaires à Constantine en Algérie

What types of fixed prostheses are available?

There are several types of fixed prosthesis, each with its own indications, depending on the condition of your teeth and gums. The prosthesis can be :

Dental crowns

Dental bridge

Choosing a fixed dental prosthesis

The choice of a fixed dental prosthesis will be made after discussion with your dentist. The team at Naoufel Dental Center always listens to the needs and preferences of the patient, while ensuring that the best possible care is provided. Dr. Naoufel is known for his great interest in new techniques of dentistry. He perfected his mastery of this art through multiple training courses abroad, including the University of Miguel Cervantes, from which he graduated in surgical and prosthetic implantology.

But in fact, how does the installation of a fixed prosthesis take place?

During your first free consultation at Naoufel Dental Center, your dentist will carefully examine your mouth to identify the problems you have and from there, you will discuss your treatment options.

Once a permanent prosthesis is being considered, the dentist will take your dental impressions. This step is necessary to ensure the best possible accuracy. At Naoufel Dental Center, your comfort is a top priority, which is why we have opted for a 3D digital impression system using an intraoral scanner. This technology will not cause you any pain or discomfort.

This impression will serve as the basis for the future dental prosthesis, which will be carefully placed by your dentist.

In order to satisfy you as quickly as possible, we work with exclusive dental technicians chosen for their efficiency and precision.

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What are the advantages of fixed prosthesis?

The various types of fixed prostheses are made from biocompatible materials, i.e. non-irritating and non-allergenic, adapted to the gums. These devices are characterized by their strength and long life.

At Naoufel Dental Center, we make sure to use quality products, which is why we offer our patients a 5-year warranty on our prostheses.

The prosthesis reproduces the function of a natural tooth, so you will have the comfort of eating with ease and fluidity. After a while, you may even forget that you are wearing a prosthesis. Not to mention that your bridge or crown will blend in perfectly with the rest of your teeth in terms of shape and shade. You can smile as much as you want without hesitating, no one will notice the difference!

How to take care of your protheses?

Fixed prostheses are easy to take care of and require only good daily oral hygiene. It has a smooth surface, so that no tartar or plaque build-up can occur. Just brush your teeth after each meal for two minutes and you’re done.

Our dentists recommend periodic visits to assess the condition of your new teeth and prevent any problems.

You wanted to smile without having to hide your teeth, you’re going to get it! Book your free consultation with us!

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

The durability of a fixed dental prosthesis, such as a dental bridge, depends on several factors, including the quality of the materials used, the technology used to manufacture the prosthesis, and the regular dental care provided by the patient. Overall, a well-maintained fixed prosthesis can last 10 to 15 years or more. Yet, this will depend on the daily wear of the prosthesis, the chewing forces exerted on it, as well as the patient's care of the latter. It is important to brush your teeth twice a day, floss regularly and visit your dentist every six months for a professional cleaning and prosthesis examination. If your fixed prostheses show signs of damage or wear, it is important to see a dentist promptly to make the necessary repairs.

There are numerous forms of fixed prosthesis, also known as dental bridges, that can be used to replace missing or damaged teeth. The type of fixed prosthesis recommended will depend on the patient's condition, as well as their preferences and budget. Common types of fixed prosthesis include traditional bridges, which are supported by adjacent natural teeth, cantilever bridges, which are supported by a single natural tooth, bonded bridges, which are bonded using dental resin, and implant-supported bridges, which are supported by dental implants placed in the jawbone. The choice of fixed prosthesis will depend on the location and number of missing teeth, as well as the patient's overall oral health. It is significant to consult with your dentist to discuss the fixed prosthesis options available and to choose the solution that is best for you.

The price of fixed prosthesis and dental crowns in Algeria varies depending on the type of the prosthesis used, the complexity of the treatment and the quality of materials used. In general, fixed prostheses, such as dental bridges and dental crowns, are more expensive than the removable ones, such as dentures. However, prices can vary widely depending on the patient's individual needs and preferences. You can get an online quote on our website to find out the exact cost of the treatment that is suitable for you.